Russia launched a massive missile attack on Kiev and other parts of Ukraine

Ukrainian officials reported explosions in at least three cities, saying Russia had launched a “massive missile attack” on power facilities.

Since last month, Russia has continued to bomb energy infrastructure, leaving all of Ukraine without power.

Local authorities reported the explosions on social media. Na capital, a sul de grivi rih e nordeste de Ghargiv, As air raid warnings sound across the country, a new series of Russian strikes alert.

According to the mayor of Kyiv, “The Left Bank of the Russian Capital Reached”At various points during the day. Rescue teams have been dispatched to the affected areas. Dniprovskyi and Holosiivskyi districts, where “civilian buildings” are located, were also attacked.

Khrylo Tymoshenko, an adviser to the presidency of Ukraine, said a residential building in Khryvyi Rih was hit. However, Governor Valentyn Reznichenko said two people were dead and many others were trapped under the rubble.

“A Russian missile hit a residential building in Kryvyi Rih. The staircase was destroyed. Two people, including two children, were killed and at least five others were injured. All are in hospital,” Governor Valentyn Reznichenko wrote in a telegram.

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