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Autumn may bring changes to the apparent calmness with which Russians face war in Ukraine. Cold weather, unemployment and rising cost of living caused by overcrowding in Western companies will lead to an increase. Social discontent In Russia, fear of the Kremlin.

“In the fall, people go home on vacation. They don’t like what’s happening.”, consider A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin is the independent organization Meduza. “Summer is a time of rest: it’s hot and the weather is nice. But in autumn, everyone understands that winter is coming. [ninguém] Not expecting anything good,” another source told the same newspaper.

Vladimir Putin’s presidential advisers and advisers fear the public will lose interest in the war and have an unfavorable view of the conflict in Ukraine. In fact, a recent study shows that only the Russian population 65% of respondents watch Russian state television – which broadcast many programs discussing the attack – down from 86% who did so in February.

And that’s not all: another poll reveals that 55% of Russians support the war. Although still a majority, the approval rate reached 66%.

Annoyed by Putin’s pro-war propaganda, a quarter of Russians stopped watching Russian state television

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In this context, the Kremlin explains the upcoming regional elections scheduled for September 11 Barometer To understand whether people continue to support Vladimir Putin over the war in Ukraine.

Given the potential rise in social discontent, the Kremlin has a strategy already planned, which social support, Especially among the poor. “In autumn, dissatisfaction with money will disappear. It may be relatively small, but people will be happy to receive it,” a Kremlin source told Medusa.

One thing is certain: Vladimir Putin will not give up on the war in Ukraine, three Medusa sources guarantee. The Russian president is interested in a “long-term war” in Ukraine – but he will try to appease the people, “giving them social support”. Whether it works remains to be seen.

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