Russia does not have the guts to admit defeat and leave Ukraine

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The Ukrainian president accused Russia of not having “an ounce of courage” to admit defeat and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory.

They no longer have the strategic strength, character or understanding of what they are doing here in our country,” he said.

Not usual Speech Daily, the Ukrainian leader mocked the Russian military’s reliance on old weapons and Soviet-era tactics without which they could do nothing.

After 139 days of war, Zelensky guarantees that “the so-called second army in the world is afraid of Ukrainians” and leaves a warning: they will not be safe in any part of Ukraine. However, he warns that the Russian “terrorist attack” still has a hard way to go.

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Featured in Daily News, published site The presidency was for Ukraine’s decision to become a member of NATO’s multilateral special program related to technological interoperability. For Zelensky, this is a sign that Ukraine is not just surviving, but growing, and can help its partners do the same.

The day was marked by a meeting with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak to discuss continued support for Ukraine.

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