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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered more “quality” weapons for troops fighting in Ukraine on Thursday, nine months after the start of a military campaign launched by Moscow.

“It is important not only to increase the quantity and variety of supplies, but also to improve their quality,” Putin said at a meeting of the Coordination Council aimed at protecting the needs of the armed forces.

Putin called for improving the functioning of the communication mechanism between the military, producers and manufacturers, with the aim of introducing amendments to orders when necessary.

No need to introduce extraordinary measures. But we need to run a precise, quality, well-coordinated job. It is always useful, but in this case it is necessary to ensure in time everything our armed forces need during a special military operation”, he pointed out, using the name given by the Kremlin to the invasion of Ukraine.

In this regard, it considered that soldiers in the field should receive arms and equipment on dates and in pre-determined quantities.

US and British intelligence services have indicated for months that the Russian military is facing a shortage of troops, weapons and ammunition in Ukraine.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin weighed in on Wednesday Russia faces a “significant shortage” of ammunition for its artilleryMostly it faces logistical problems and may limit its field operations in future.

Austin asserted that Russian troops have increasingly accurate missiles and that its defense industry is facing serious difficulties in quickly producing new guided weapons.

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Many European experts quoted by various media believe that Russia’s withdrawal from the northern third of the Kherson region was prompted by a shortage of ammunition, which is only enough for one more month, rather than enemy advances or supply problems. fight

In the case of the Iskander cruise missiles, which have caused massive damage to Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure, Russia still has only 120 units.

Unable to guarantee significant advances on the battlefield, the Russian military has unleashed massive bombardments against Ukrainian energy infrastructure and, as winter approaches, Kiev has asked the West to urgently deploy anti-aircraft batteries.

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