Putin acknowledged drug shortages and price hikes

“Recently, the prices of some drugs have grown in our country, although there is an increase in the production of pharmaceutical products, there is a certain shortage,” the Kremlin leader (President of Russia) told the meeting. With members of the government.

Putin explained that 60% of the national market is now made up of “domestic drugs”, and while Russia has not banned importing pharmaceutical products and working with foreign manufacturers, some have stopped operations in the country.

Therefore, he added, “it is very important to step up our own efforts.”

Western sanctions imposed on Russia in response to the invasion and war in Ukraine exclude drugs and medical equipment, but the flow of these goods has been hampered by restrictions applied to transport, insurance and banking.

Mikhail Kuznetsov, head of the executive committee of the pro-government Popular Front movement, said he had received many complaints that it was impossible to buy the prescription drugs Amoxiclav and Suprax (to treat bacterial infections). ), some oncology such as tamoxifen and the antipyretic Neurofen.

According to Russia’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashkov, the list of essential medicines will increase in price by 1.9% in 2022, while others will rise by 10%, still below the inflation rate, which is 11.94%.

Last year, according to data provided by Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the production of Russian pharmaceuticals increased by more than 15% compared to 2021.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24, justified by the Russian president with the need to “denazify” and militarize the neighboring country, but was generally condemned by the international community.

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In response, the West has sent weapons to Ukraine and imposed political and economic sanctions on Russia.

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