Putin accuses NATO of being embroiled in the Cold War and maintaining military objectives in Ukraine

“NATO is the basis of the past of the Cold War. In this regard, we have been told that it has changed and now it has become a political union, but everyone is looking for reasons and possibilities to impose it as a military organization,” Putin assured the Russian media during his visit to Turkmenistan.

In response to a series of criticisms leveled at him at the Allied Summit in Madrid, Putin called the West’s unilateral world a barbarism and a threat to the international community, and committed to the Kremlin’s cooperation. UN, G20 and BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

In this sense, he expressed the desire to talk to the West about non-proliferation of weapons and weapons of mass destruction or the stability of energy and food markets.

In a note on the decision to view Russia as a major threat to Euro-Atlantic security, Putin spoke of the US and its fury always looking for external enemies.

In this context, he recalled that Stoltenberg had promised in the Spanish capital that he had been preparing for a confrontation with the Allies since 2014.

“Since 2014 they have been preparing some action against us, which is not a new thing. It accurately describes our commitment to safeguarding our own interests, “he said.

Putin has also criticized the West for its “exclusivity” and for refusing to accept the loss of its dominant role in the world.

“Based on the rules and other skeptical ideas, hidden in the face of the alleged order, they are trying to control and guide global processes in their own way, encouraging the construction of hermetic blocks and alliances that make decisions that are only relevant to one country, the United States,” he said succinctly.

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Referring to Putin’s call for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, a “democratic and sovereign nation”, the Russian leader said “nothing has changed”.

“I have nothing to add. The ultimate goal was announced, the liberation of the Donbass, the protection of these people and the creation of conditions that would guarantee the security of Russia. That’s all, ”he said.

Referring to the deadline, Putin considered it “wrong” to resolve the issue, and recalled that they depended on the “intensity” of the fighting, and wanted to reduce casualties in the ranks, as the Kremlin intended to “prioritize”. Russian Army.

“I’m a top commander by nature, but I finished my studies at the General Staff Academy anyway,” he recalled.

Putin did not want the Western powers to protect the Ukrainians, but to satisfy their own interests, “to assert their role in the world, to establish their leadership, their hegemony and, indeed, their imperial ambitions.”

Therefore, if Moscow does not take the initiative in confronting Western plans to turn Ukraine into a “bridge” and “anti-Russia”, its country will have to face it “with the sword of Damokils” forever.

Referring to the future access of Finland and Sweden to NATO, the Russian President reiterated that he would respond with similar measures when establishing friendly military groups and equipment in the territories of the two Scandinavian countries.

“Unfortunately, the problems with Ukraine do not exist in Sweden and Finland. We have no disputes or regional issues and have nothing to worry about with the inclusion of Finland and Sweden in NATO. If you want that, keep going, ” he said.

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