Pope Benedict XVI is “stable”, but the situation is serious and irreversible – news

According to French newspaper La Croix, although the pope emeritus was living his final hours, he attended mass this morning, conscious and lucid, as was customary before his health deteriorated in recent days.

“The pope emeritus is stable and his kidney blockage has been treated,” reported La Croix newspaper, which specializes in religious information, citing Mother Ecclesia monastery sources.

The newspaper ‘La Stampa’ pointed out that the pope emeritus’ medical condition continued to be very poor and, citing sources from his medical team, insisted that little could be done to stop his slow deterioration in recent days.

For now, he added, Benedict XVI’s situation is stable.

However, the Vatican confirmed the situation through its spokesperson.

“Yesterday [quinta-feira] At night the Pope Emeritus was able to rest well. Yesterday afternoon he also participated in the Holy Mass in his room. Currently, its status is stable”, notes Matteo Bruni.

Benedict XVI is always accompanied by his private secretary, Georg Conswein, and four lay women, without any vow or habit, called Memoirs Dominie of Communion and Liberation, who assist him in his daily activities.

In addition, his personal physician Patricio Polisca and a health team led by Vatican nurse Friar Eligius are in charge of monitoring his vital signs at all times.

No one in his circle would have thought that the Pope’s health would deteriorate so quickly. Archbishop Gänswein was also in Germany when Pope Francis revealed a progressive decline in Benedict XVI’s health on Wednesday.

As revealed by the German newspapers ‘Sueddeutsche Zeitung’ and ‘Spiegel’, Conswein boarded the first flight to Rome when Benedict XVI realized the seriousness of his health and accompanied him in his last moments.

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Benedict XVI’s medical team decided not to transfer the pontiff to the Policlinico Gemelli hospital in Rome, a referral center for popes, for example, where Francis was hospitalized in July last year for colon surgery due to acute diverticulitis.

According to the German press, the Pope Emeritus himself has expressed a desire not to be transferred to any clinic if his health deteriorates. However, the Vatican Communications Office has not yet confirmed this information.

Parishes in Rome have joined Pope Francis’ appeal to unite in prayer as Benedict XVI’s health worsens, including Santa Maria della Consolação di Casal Bertone and Santa Maria Stella dell’Evangelizzazione parishes in the Torrino district. On the outskirts of Rome.

Benedict XVI, whose original name was Joseph Ratzinger, was Pope between 2005 and 2013, when he stepped down and became Emeritus of the Diocese of Rome. Francis’ predecessor was the first pope to resign in 600 years since Gregory XII in 1415.

He lived in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery in the Vatican for about 10 years. In his conclusion, Benedict XVI cited the deterioration of his physical and mental health, which will worsen in 2020 due to a facial infection.

According to Peter Seewald, who visited Pope Emeritus in August 2020 to deliver his biography, Ratzinger retained reason and memory, but his voice was practically unintelligible. He added that Benedict XVI’s will has already been written and will be made public after his death.

Ratzinger expressed his desire to be laid to rest in the ancient tomb of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, in the tomb of St. Peter. John Paul II was buried in the church of São Sebastião, which houses Michelangelo’s La Pieta (The Fear) sculpture.

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