Pioneer of the stadium, environmental activist and now soldier. Roman Radushni died in battle a month ago at the age of 25 – Spectator

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The news was reported on the Facebook page of the “Protect Who Protective” group, an environmental organization founded by Roman Radushni. This Tuesday: “On June 9, Roman Radushni (…), a member of the 93rd Mechanized Regiment with whom Colotni was killed, was killed in battle near the Isis.”

The publication defining Radushni as “the foremost in any fight” and “never fearful” was highlighted by Oliver Carroll, an economist-based journalist in Kiev. Because it is? Because Radushni was a soldier and also a Ukrainian environmental activist, he took his first steps in civil society. Maidan was the first to protest in the squareIn 2013, a coup took place near Moscow to overthrow President Viktor Yanukovych.

In the early days of Euromidan, Oliver Carroll took the opportunity to recall the character of a young Ukrainian who turns 25 on July 5. In an article published in 2018 There is no freedom, Carroll points out that Radushni started participating in Maidan Square demonstrations from the very beginning at the age of 17. “The teachers were sympathetic and allowed him to sleep during classes. At night, he stayed with friends at the Praca da Independence,” the article reads.

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Radushni’s group of friends would end up being one of the first to be targeted by police repression, which led to the intensification of protests and the removal of Yanukovych. “This is the moment when the Maidan stopped its opposition to the EU and became a backdoor move to prevent Ukraine from becoming a dictatorship like Belarus.The activist told The Independent.

With the change of regime, Radushni began to dedicate himself to environmental activism and founded the “Protect Whom We Protect” association. The group’s goal was to prevent the Protestant Who Valley real estate in Kiev from being the target of real estate intervention – which the group was able to prevent by winning lawsuits in 2020 and 2021, which determined it should be a protected area. .

However, the case brought him discomfort and animosity with political power. As stated in it Dutch representatives of the Helsinki groupStarted as Radushni Target of death threats Deputy – and owner of a construction company – Gennady Korban and lawyer Andrei Smirnov (currently vice president of the cabinet of President Volodymyr Zhelensky).

Then, in March 2021, Radushni was added Home Guard The decision of the courts on the charges is pending by the Ukrainian judiciary PokிரிmonHe was targeted after taking part in a solidarity struggle with an anti-corruption activist for possessing an illegal weapon and destroying property – the allegations made by the Helsinki Committee have no legal basis for “lack of conclusive evidence”.

But in addition to the court case, the activist was The target of direct criticism from the then Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko posted the video on social media, where Radushni is said to have committed the crimes in question. The activist not only denied the allegations, but said he was not the person identified in the video, but publicly asked the government official to remove the images he accused of defamation, and apologized. “Video tries to provoke a negative attitude towards me” Then said Rathushni.

Following the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine on February 24, Roman Radushni sided with the Ukrainian government from day one, fighting on the front lines. He took part in the battles in the Kiev region, then Sumi and more recently Izum, where he would die during an operation.

The environmental group he founded publicly mourned his death and pledged to continue the activist’s work. “We must build a park in the Valley of the Protestant, where we will plant an oak tree in memory of the Romans,” wrote his colleagues, “Whom the Protestant will protect,” who made a promise: “The park will definitely be named after Roman Radushni.”

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