On Russia Day, Putin appeals to patriots and urges people to be “united” – observer

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A nationalist discourse, uniting the people and with imperialist references. Vladimir Putin commemorated Russia Day – a national holiday that raises suspicions even in his own country – calling on Russians to unite, especially in times of war.

“Today we are especially aware of the importance of the unity of the people to the country and to our community,” Putin said. By various companies. I was one of those moments Award Ceremony Related to 2021 in Russia for achievements in the fields of science, technology, literature, art and human rights. Moreover, in this festive atmosphere, he had the opportunity to offer compliments to the people – and emphasized the collective memory of Russian history.

It is in this sense that Putin emphasized the importance of the “secular traditions, moral values, and spiritual foundations” of the Russian people, strengthening the “millennial history” of the country, for whom he called “real and profound feelings.” Patriotism will continue to be felt. Be “holy”.

And he went further, praising the image of the ancient emperor Peter the Great, for creating an “mighty and invincible” army and navy. “He is rightly called the best reformer, and he has made fundamental changes in all spheres of life, especially in government, in economic development, in building a powerful and invincible army and navy,” Putin said. It was used from the beginning of the war: the supremacy of the former Russian and Soviet empires.

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There may still be debates about the role of the emperor today, Putin acknowledged in the same speech, but later insisted: “It is not possible to admit that Russia emerged as a major and powerful world power only under this ruler.”

He reinforces the notion that he has strong imperial ambitions – and that he compares himself to the emperor, saying he is a kind example – that Putin had already, on Thursday, expressed his thoughts on Peter the Great.

In a meeting with young Russian entrepreneurs, Putin compared himself to the emperor who founded St. Petersburg in the late 17th century. “Peter the Great started the Great Northern War, which lasted 21 years. He fought for the recovery so that nothing could be taken away from Sweden.

Internationally, he seemed to show signs of indifference to the general condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine: [Pedro, o Grand] Established the new capital, and none of the European countries recognized the territory as part of Russia; Everyone recognized him as a part of Sweden.

Putin himself made the connection between the lessons he had learned from the former emperor and the war in Ukraine: “Clearly, it was in our hands to restore and strengthen us.”

This is another moment when Putin bet on patriotism to unite the Russian people, especially during the protracted invasion of Ukraine. Despite doubts about the origin of Epimeris, the Russian president used Russia Day, a national holiday, to do so. Published analysis In the Carnegie Endowment, the American think tank for international peace: “On this day, Russia seeks to celebrate its independence without asking the embarrassing question: Freedom from whom?”.

“Independence from the Soviet Union, its former colonies – the Baltics, Central Asia, the southern Caucasus states, Ukraine? But the Soviet Union remained Russia under a different name. . [desse império]”, Writes Lilia Shevsova, a professor and expert in Russian politics.

In fact, Independence Day was used as the name of the date by many Russians, but according to the same source, half the Russians, when asked about the date, could not tell what the date was reminiscent of. The milestone will be the end of the chapter of the Soviet Union, Russia should be seen as a country, but nowadays the national holiday has lost the word “independence” and, more generally, is known as Russia Day.

Russian company TASS explainedOn June 12, 1990, Russia’s first parliament voted in favor and Boris Yeltsin signed the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation – thus marking the official end of the Soviet era. In 1992, this day became a national holiday. Since then, concerts, sporting events or fireworks have usually been celebrated this Saturday, in addition to the Putin-led awards ceremony.

This year, and Putin bet on patriotism to keep people together during wartime. Received “full support” from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea’s official KCNA news agency, Jong-un, sent a congratulatory message to Putin on Russia’s day.

He also commended the Russian President for “bravely overcoming all kinds of challenges and difficulties” in “fulfilling the legitimate cause of defending the right to dignity, security and development” and pledged to “expand and develop”. Russia and North Korea from now on.

The North Korean leader expressed “full support” for Putin

However, Russian news agencies quoted by the AFP reported that Russia used the code date to hand over the first Russian passports to residents of Kherson.

In a city located in southern Ukraine, occupied by Russian troops, 23 residents, at a ceremony, received Russian passports, said Vladimir Salto, head of the pro-Russian administration, which opens a “new era”. All citizens want to get a Russian passport and citizenship “as soon as possible”.

This is only possible, and in May Putin signed an order that would expedite the process and hand over the Russian passport to more Ukrainians.

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