Now there are five countries. US to require travelers from China to test negative for Covid

After India, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia, the US now requires a negative test. From January 5, “all air passengers aged two years or older from China must undergo a test two days before departure from China, Hong Kong and Macau, and submit a negative result to the airlines upon departure,” the official said.

“The recent rapid increase in the spread of Covid-19 in China raises the possibility of new variants emerging,” he added.

According to the official, Beijing provides limited data on variations in circulation in China to global databases. Testing and reporting of new cases has also decreased.

“Given the unavailability of this data, it is very difficult for public health officials in the United States to identify new strains that are spreading to North American countries,” he explained.

The testing requirement applies to air travelers regardless of their nationality and vaccination status, and includes those traveling from China to the United States via other countries and those traveling through any U.S. airport.

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