“Not worth attacking”: Poland prepares for an (imaginary) Russian invasion

The Polish army will be strengthened with 15,000 new soldiers this year as part of a plan to expand its military capabilities and improve the results obtained in military simulations against a hypothetical Russian invasion.

This was announced by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak on Monday Out of these 15 thousand recruits eight thousand are already “active”.After completing 28 days of basic training, from this Monday another thousand youths will begin their training at 16 camps in different parts of the country.

Included in the expansion plan of the Polish Army Double the number of employeesIncrease defense spending to 3% of GDP and modernize equipment by purchasing 250 Abrams tanks and 32 F-35 aircraft.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the Polish ruling party, said this Sunday in Kielce It is important to make the enemy understand that “it is not worth attacking”.Polish defense doctrine emphasizes that it consists of “protecting the border (with Russia)”.

For political scientist Karol Kowalski of the University of Krakow, military maneuvers will be carried out Assess whether Poland could “withstand the attack for three weeks until it receives Allied reinforcements.”.

“The exercises were carried out twice. The first time, following political instructions, trying to defend the entire territory from the beginning. It was a disaster. In five days there will be Russian tanks in Warsaw. The exercises were repeated according to the plans of the army, retreating from the beginning to the Vistula River area. In this way, the Polish forces 11 days wait, which is enough to get help from allies.

In the simulation, Polish President Andrzej Duda concluded, the army conducted what it called the “biggest mobilization since 1989” in response to a Russian invasion. During the first five days of the war, Polish naval and air traffic was almost completely suppressedas well as all ground forces east of the Vistula River.

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However, according to military information published by Polish media, it would be possible if the air force chose a defensive line across the Vistula River from the start of the hypothetical conflict and transferred air force aircraft to German bases to avoid the first attacks. Roll back the invaders’ advance until help arrives.

At the last NATO summit, the establishment of the headquarters of the US 5th Army in Poland was announced, which Duda described as “very important” and, in his opinion, “strengthens Polish security.”

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