NATO warns Russia that installing hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad will not ease geopolitical tensions – The Observer

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NATO warned Russia this Friday that sending warplanes armed with hypersonic missiles to the Kaliningrad enclave would not help ease geopolitical tensions and vowed it would defend “every centimeter of friendly territory”.

Kaliningrad, a NATO spokesman explained to the Europa Press news agency “A heavily militarized areaInserted into Russia’s military expansion on NATO’s borders”, in this case, near Poland and Lithuania, member states of the alliance.

“Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine has changed the security situation in Europe and it is difficult to see how this deployment will help reduce tensions,” the spokesman said.

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It recalled that NATO has strengthened its deterrence and defense capabilities in the east and is closely monitoring the situation in the region.

According to the spokesperson, the international organization “Will defend every inch of friendly territory“, in line with the policy used in Ukraine in recent months, NATO has avoided direct intervention in Ukraine, giving members responsibility for sending weapons to Kiev and deterring a Russian offensive.

Last Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it would send three MiG-31 fighter jets with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to Chkalovsk Airfield, which will be on “24-hour combat duty” as part of additional strategic deterrence operations. , according to a security statement. Sent to Russian news agency TASS.

Russia claims that Kinzhal has a Range up to 2,000 km and flies at 10 times the speed of sound, making interception difficult.

These sophisticated missiles have been used to attack various targets in Ukraine, which Russia invaded on February 24.

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The announcement comes after Moscow’s criticism and threats against countries supplying arms to Ukraine, including Poland and the Baltic states.

According to Russia, the provision of arms by the US and its allies for the defense of Ukraine “prolongs the conflict” in the country it invaded.

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