Moscow has denied that Lavrov was taken to hospital upon his arrival at the G20 summit

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who arrived in Bali, Indonesia for the G20 summit, was taken to hospital. Associated Press.

Moscow has already come to classify the news as “false”.

A Associated Press Three Indonesian official sources were quoted as saying Lavrov was being treated for a heart condition. The sources declined to be identified and did not provide further details.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the news was baseless.

Minutes after news of Lavrov’s hospitalization in Bali, Indonesia, aired, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said via the Telegram digital messaging network, “This is high-quality fake news.”

The spokesperson released video footage of the minister, wearing shorts and sitting on a balcony, where he criticized rumors about his health and advised “Western journalists to write the truth more often”.

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign minister has already responded to the news of his jailing, saying it was a “political game”.

Sergey Lavrov arrived in Bali on Sunday to represent Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit.

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