Minister denies Chinese warplanes flying towards Taiwan

Chinese television reported that several Chinese warplanes had passed through the Taiwan Strait, just as the plane carrying US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi was about to land in Taipei despite Chinese threats.

Security sirens sounded minutes later in the Fujian region of China Pelosi’s plane enters Taiwan airspaceTelevision was added.

However, Taiwan’s defense minister denied the information. “It is fakeThe minister, in a statement, assured that he was fully aware of the activities near Taiwan and that the troops were being sent in response to “enemy threats”..

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives began his official trip to Asia on Monday. After much speculation about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, it is now known that she has arrived on the island after tensions between Beijing and Washington. Considering this as an insult, China has repeatedly threatened the US.

Beijing considers Taiwan, an autonomous democratic island, a Chinese territory. For that reason, he opposes any contact between Taipei and Washington and considers any intervention to “endanger China’s sovereignty.”

When the potential visit of the second person in state was announced, experts believed at the time that China was unlikely to use force to prevent the US plane carrying Pelosi from landing. However, recent statements from Beijing prove otherwise. President Biden has publicly stated that a visit to Taiwan by the President of Congress would not be a good idea.

President Biden was warned by the Chinese president not to “play with fire” regarding Taiwan just days before Pelosi’s trip to Asia.

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Those who play with fire will get burnedThe Chinese leader told his US counterpart on July 28, as quoted by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China).

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