Millions in rewards for army soldiers who destroy western tanks

The Russian President (Kremlin) praised the initiative of Russian officials and companies that announced cash rewards for military personnel who capture or destroy Western tanks on the Ukrainian battlefield.

“This once again demonstrates solidarity and willingness to assist to the best of their abilities, directly or indirectly, to special military operations. [na Ucrânia] and the achievement of its objectives,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told his daily press conference.

Peskov was asked what he thought about the decision of the governor of Zabaikali, Alexander Osipov, to pay three million rubles (about 39 thousand euros) to the inhabitants of that region of Eastern Siberia, which captured the western tank given to Ukraine.

Noting that Ukraine has yet to receive Western tanks, the Kremlin spokesman insisted that all of these tanks would be destroyed.

“I think that if there were such encouraging measures, there would be more enthusiasm”, supported Peskov, adding that Russian companies are promoting similar initiatives.

On Monday, the Russian energy company Force announced that it would pay five million rubles (just 65,000 euros) for the first tank destroyer of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) country and 500,000 rubles (6.5 thousand euros) for each. The following.

“The financial reward for the first destroyed plane will be 15 million rubles (just under 200,000 euros),” the company added, if Ukraine starts receiving Western fighter jets.

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