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A 27-year-old man was caught taking nude photos of a woman in the bathroom of a McDonald’s chain restaurant. The man was arrested, identified and officers determined he was a repeat offender. It will now await judgment. But in the meantime, photographs of the man are being distributed to staff at all McDonald’s restaurants in the UK, with a sign that if identified he should be banned from entering the toilet, “the sun“.

The man in question is identified as Azare Shumba and was arrested on Wednesday, December 28 just before New Year. He was recognized by a patron at a McDonald’s restaurant in Derby, UK. “I thought he was going to sit down and order food, but instead I saw him go to the women’s bathroom.”A collaborator quoted by the same publication clarified.

The police were informed and went to the address of Asere Shumba, who lives on the outskirts of Derby. Once at the young man’s home, they arrested him and confiscated all his electronic devices. They will be reviewed because of the inappropriate content they store there.

In January 2021, it was the first time the young man had been caught. He admitted to the court that he had been carrying out this type of behavior for two years already and that he had filmed women going to the bathroom by hiding in cupboards next to where the victims were.

As a result, the police identified him Found more than 400 non-consensual photos of women. As a result, he had to appear in court. “Voyeurism is serious because it invades people’s privacy and dignity,” the judge said at the time. “mirror”It allowed him two years of unpaid work and forced him to participate in a sex offender program.

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Now, he will appear before a judge again on December 28 after deciding to commit the crime again. As such, Asere Shumba awaits trial until January 19, the day of the sentencing hearing at Derby Court in the United Kingdom.

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