Mahdi lost his daughter in the Copenhagen shooting. While looking for her, he saw the face of doubt

Worry about her daughter spoke loudly. However, Mahdi Al-Wasni grabbed his cell phone and started filming in an attempt to stop the shooter. This is the story of an afternoon that turns tragic, with a happy ending.

For 34-year-old Mahdi Al-Wasni, it was a Sunday like many others. As a family, we have a meal at one of the restaurants at Fields in Copenhagen, Denmark. Until panic sets in around him, with a Shooting at the mall.

“I was in the restaurant area, upstairs on the field, with my family, when we heard people screaming and running, looking for a way out. I asked my brother to collect the children so we could leave,” she tells the Danish press.

But suddenly, Mahdi realized that his two-year-old daughter was not there. It was while searching for her that he crossed paths with the shooter, who authorities confirmed was a 22-year-old Dane. The first reaction was to start shooting, so as not to get shot by the suspect – who was dressed in hunting clothes. They were eye to eye.

“He laughed and said, ‘They’re not real scenes, maybe he’s trying to trick me into coming closer.’ He shot and broke windows. I think five or six times, but I never saw him hit anybody,” she recalled.

The police showed up shortly after the alert was given around 5:30 p.m. The suspect left the shopping center and was arrested outside. Although there are no concrete figures, officials note that it has caused many deaths and injuries.

Madhi will find her daughter. The girl was locked in a room with another family member for several hours. “I was afraid something would happen to him. I didn’t feel anything different when I was in front of him. I had to find her. Then I started shooting to make sure I would record if he wanted to shoot me.

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Since 2015, Denmark has not seen this type of attack. At the time, the 22-year-old teacher killed a man in a debate organized by a cartoonist of Muhammad and another man at a synagogue in central Copenhagen. Contrary to what happened this Sunday, he was shot dead by the police.

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