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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday accused the Ukrainian regime of launching a (failed) attack on Belarus, firing missiles to hit military targets in Belarusian territory. Missiles will be intercepted.

So far, Lukashenko has not provided evidence to confirm What would a Ukrainian military attack on a country other than Russia be? – Who occupied Ukraine militarily.

In March, there was Belarusian rule Accused Kiev fired a missile into its territory, and reportedly intercepted it. Also, no evidence of this attack was produced at the time.

Now, the Belarusian president, a close ally of Putin, claims that the aforementioned missiles were launched from Ukraine to Belarus approximately three days ago. He added that although his country does not want to go to war with Ukraine, it will do so Protect yourself if territory is invaded.

Zelensky says the Kremlin has “already decided” that Belarus will enter the war, and urges people to revolt.

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That is the information Reuters reported, which quotes Belarusian state news agency Belda. “They provoke us. I must tell you: three days ago, a little more, an attempt was made from the territory of Ukraine to attack Belarusian military installations,” Lukashenko said. “But, thank God, Pantsir anti-aircraft systems managed to intercept All missiles were fired by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, he concluded.

Alexander Lukashenko is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s key allies in Eastern Europe. In March, Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Chiganuskaya described He even says that the country’s leader is “a puppet” who “controls the country through Putin.”

Lukashenko says he has “enough intelligence” not to invade Ukraine, but promises Putin “will not lose this war”.

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