Kremlin advises not to accept Russian Nobel Peace Prize – Observer

Yan Rachinsky, one of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates, says he received orders from the Kremlin not to accept the prizes because other laureates — a Ukrainian and a Belarusian organization, both dedicated to defending human rights — They were considered “unsuitable”.

Yan Rachinsky is the head of the memorial dedicated to human rights activism, even after being persecuted by Vladimir Putin’s regime. In an interview BBCThe activist said the monument was “advised” to refuse the award: “Naturally, we ignored this warning.”

Despite Kremlin threats to Yan Rachinsky’s safety, the head of the organization ensures that the monument continues to function. “Today in Russia, No one’s personal safety can be guaranteed“, Condemnation: “Many were killed. But we know what state impunity leads to…we have to get out of that hole somehow.

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatsky and two human rights organizations, one Russian and one Ukrainian.

The monument, created in 1987 by human rights activists from the former Soviet Union to preserve the memory of victims of oppression under communist rule, was commissioned by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.Solving previous crimes is necessary to prevent new crimes.“.

The organization fights militarism, promotes human rights and advocates for a government based on the rule of law. During the war in Chechnya, the monument “Collected and verified information on abuses and war crimes Perpetrated against the people by Russian and pro-Russian forces. Natalia Estemirova, head of the memorial in the region, was killed in 2009 because of these efforts.

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