Kiev’s defense minister says Ukraine is a “genuine” member of the NATO-audience

Ukraine’s defense minister told the BBC this Friday that the country had become a “genuine” member of NATO as the West “focused” differently on confronting the war.

Oleksii Reznikov told British Public Television Fearing that military aid to Ukraine would escalate the conflict, “Western countries” changed their minds He hopes that Kiev will receive weapons, including tanks and fighter jets.

“This concern about the next escalation is, for me, a kind of protocol. Ukraine is a country and the armed forces of Ukraine (a) Became a member of NATO. ‘De facto’, not ‘de jure’ (in law). Because we have weapons and we decide how we are going to use them,” the minister added.

After the invasion, which began in February 2021, Russia argues that it is fighting the Atlantic alliance in Ukraine because it is supplying weapons to the “Western” country.

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Ukraine has sought to join the Atlantic alliance for years and the head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky, has pushed for accelerated access to the organization.

To the Russian President, Kiev’s continued pursuit of NATO poses a threat to Moscow’s security.

Article 5 of the Atlantic Alliance Treaty states that an armed attack against one member shall be treated as an attack against all countries that are part of the organization.

In the same interview with the BBC, Reznikov dismissed his claims about Ukraine as a “genuine” member of NATO as “non-controversial”. “Why would that be controversial? It’s true. This is a fact‘ said Reznikov. “In the short term I’m sure We are going to be ‘de jure’ members of NATO“, he announced.

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The defense minister was speaking in Kiev as Ukrainian and Russian forces continue to battle in the eastern Donetsk region’s city of Soledar, one of the most intense battles of the eleven-month-old war.

Reznikov added, “About 500 or 600 Russian fighters die every day across the country, while Ukraine loses a tenth of that number.”

These figures mentioned by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine cannot be independently confirmed.

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