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Retired Major General of the Russian Air Force, Kanamat Podashev – The face found in Tweet Activist Igor Sushko – died after the plane he was flying in was shot down by Zhelensky’s troops. Confident BBC Russia, anonymously, cites three former Bodashev deputy executives. According to one of them, The 63-year-old returned to the front line because he could not stay out of the war – But the circumstances that led him to fly a warplane in the sky over Ukraine are not yet clear.

First high-ranking military pilot killed in Ukraine war – Or at least it has been made public.

As Ukrainian authorities This Sunday, a Russian Su-25 fighter jet was shot down by a grenade in the Lukansk region. One of Bodashev’s former colleagues insisted on it He was known to fly a Su-25.

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Fighterbomber – a Russian telegram channel whose target audience is military pilots – released a statement last Sunday. In it he mourns the death of an unidentified “commander”. “Farewell, Commander (…) Heaven demands its best men. Today he claims your rights. “Reads step by step Translation Telegraph.

More functional ZSU channel Wrote In the title, mentioning that One cybernote victim was identified as Potshov, but the comment was quickly removed: “Kanamath is dead today! Popasnaya District, 8:25 ”. The other participants in the discussion used only the initials KHB.

It took eight to ten years and eight million dollars (approximately 7.5 million euros) to train a “sniper pilot” – the status achieved by Bodashev -, That’s good Russian Ministry of Defense. The same company has not yet confirmed the death of the top official.

The senior has chapters on irresponsible behavior in his application. In 2012 (the year he retired) he was tried for doing a stunt by an army jet, with which he was not allowed to fly., News O Journal Novaya Gazette.

Connaught Bodashev is another casualty of the Moscow army, which, according to the UK Ministry of Defense, already exists. One death toll was recorded in Ukraine, similar to the death toll in the nine-year war in Afghanistan.

This is one of the high-ranking positions where Russian forces die. In the first few weeks, nine generals were among the casualties in Moscow.The number will then rise, joining the list, for example, of Major Generals Vladimir Frolov And Valery Stadilko – like Kanmat Bodashev, who is over 60 years old.

Why did nine high-ranking Russians already die in the Ukraine war?

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