It’s called the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, known as Himars, and may be Russia’s biggest dream.

This week, in the podcast “Ukraine: The Latest”, or “Ukraine: The Latest News” from the British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”, journalist Roland Oliphant, who reports on the occupied country, chose an interesting topic: relative freedom still practiced in the Russian blogosphere. Publication in He explains that while the main editors of military blogs are aligned with the “war against Ukrainian Nazis,” they are not necessarily fans of the way the Kremlin is conducting the fight. The arrival of High Mobility and Range Rocket Launchers (HIMARS) in Ukraine has caused some apprehension among the Russian military.

“The blogs are full of men who follow the war with the Wagner fighters or the regular army, but they speak their mind and confront the military leadership. There it is written that the situation is terrible, that the Russians are being attacked by Himars without any anti-aircraft defense. So? Major General Arnaud Moreira has no doubts: The technical part of the war is being won by Ukraine, but it does not equate to a general victory. “Due to technological progress in the area of ​​drones, the Ukrainian army can easily find logistics centers for Russian weapons and fuel,” he tells Expresso. “Until a few weeks ago, they could not attack them, because The Russians had positioned these targets beyond the range of Ukrainian artillery at the time. They are now within range of HIMARS and are being targeted.

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