“It craves power and influence.” With Putin out of the picture, could the head of the Wagner group succeed him? – Spectator

The fates of Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin crossed in the world of catering: the two met in a luxury restaurant in St. Petersburg owned by Prigozhin. Since then, the relationship has gone from strength to strength, with the Russian president signing several contracts with the catering company owned by his supposed “boss”. In recent years, the chef expanded his operations to military areas and established a private militia, which has played an important role in various conflicts around the world, including the war in Ukraine. Now, Wagner is an “ambitious” leader of the group Most popular names To reach the Russian presidency, Especially at a time when rumors are swirling that Putin may have terminal cancer.

“Prigozhin could have a clear vision of what Russia’s political future might be”, Michael Troitsky, an international affairs analyst based in Moscow, agrees with the Observer, saying that in the future the head of the Wagner group could become one of the “potential protagonists” in the race for succession in the Kremlin. Maybe this race has already started, something protected Russian military veteran and former intelligence chief Igor Strelkov: “The Struggle for Political Olympus Has Already Begun” In Russia.

The starting gun for the Russian presidency may have already been fired Backstage And up to one Topic of conversation In the corridors of the Kremlin, but in public, Vladimir Putin remains An undeniably singular figure At the forefront of Russia’s political designs. however, This does not preclude their potential successorsIncluding Yevgeny Prigozhin, they are playing a difficult balancing game, trying to balance what they want and what they need to pay back the Russian president so that Moscow is not completely kicked out of the bubble.

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