Israel bombards Gaza after ceasefire begins in response to Palestinian rockets

“In response to rockets fired into Israeli territory, the army is currently striking numerous targets belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli military said in a statement sent at 21:33.

Also, air raid warning sirens were activated in southern Israeli cities near the Gaza Strip.

In the same statement late Sunday, the army said “sirens sounded in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip”.

The ceasefire brokered by Egypt includes Cairo’s commitment to “work for the release of the two prisoners,” Mohammed al-Hindi, head of the JIP’s political wing, announced in a statement. Bassem Saadi and Khaled Awawdeh.

The current outbreak of violence was sparked by the arrest last Monday of Bassem Saadi, the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967.

The Israeli military launched its operation on Friday in what it described as a “preemptive strike” against Islamic Jihad, killing its top military commanders in Gaza, Taisir al-Jabari and Khalid Mansour, along with several fighters from the group.

The deaths of the military leaders were confirmed by Islamic Jihad, which is considered “terrorist” by Israel, the United States and the European Union.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Labit described Saturday’s attack that killed Khaled Mansour as an “extraordinary outcome” and said the Gaza operation would continue “as long as necessary.”

Israeli officials justified Friday’s operation by fearing retaliation by Islamic Jihad following the August 1 arrest of Bassem al-Saadi in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank.

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In the past two days, about 40 Islamic Jihad members have been arrested by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Now, ahead of Islamic Jihad’s announcement, the Palestinian Authority fired several mortars at Israel and Jerusalem, which its military said were intercepted by the Israeli missile defense system.

In the Gaza Strip, 17 Palestinians, including 9 children, were killed today as a result of Israeli military attacks in Jabalia, Gaza City and Rafah, according to the Palestinian armed movement Hamas. More than 15 years..

According to the latest statement from the Hamas Health Ministry, “43 Palestinians, including 15 children, have been martyred” and “311 wounded” since the Israeli operation against Islamic Jihad began on Friday.

The director of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza said there is an urgent need for medical supplies and electricity to continue caring for the wounded.

Gaza’s only power plant was shut down on Saturday due to fuel shortages, four days after Israel closed roads linking Nkileh for security reasons.

Before mortar shells were fired from Gaza today, warning sirens for shells sounded in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ashkelon.

The conflict between Israel and Islamic Jihad is the worst since the conflict between Israel and Hamas in May 2021. In 11 days, 260 Palestinians, including militants, were killed and 14 Israelis, including a soldier, were killed, according to local officials. .

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