Isabel dos Santos: Another voice of disbelief in the election results in Angola

Isabel dos Santos took to Twitter this Sunday to show some pessimism about the election results in Angola. This would not be the first voice to express disbelief at the results.

“In a poll conducted yesterday with 10,000 people, 83% do not believe in the election results,” read a tweet from José Eduardo dos Santos, daughter of the late former president.

“Voter confidence is so low that the current results do not reflect the true will of the Angolan people,” he wrote.

This Sunday, the leader of UNITA said that “there is evidence that it is necessary to correct the mandates”, guaranteeing that any position of the party on the results of the Angolan elections will be properly substantiated.

Adalberto Costa Jr.’s report follows the party’s stance that Friday would give the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) a possible victory and, based on brief minutes from the 18 provinces, produce a parallel vote tally. Country.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for the National Electoral Commission (CNE) told reporters that reports of requested votes at the provincial election commission level were being analyzed and that there would be definitive results only after all the information was available.

According to data released by the CNE, when 97.03% of votes were counted in last Wednesday’s election, the MPLA, which has been in power since 1975, received 3,162,801 votes, one million less than in 2017 when it received 4,115,302 votes.

UNITA registered a huge increase, electing representatives in 17 of the 18 provinces and a historic victory in Luanda, the country’s largest province, with 2,727,885 votes so far, while in 2017 it received 1,800,860 favorable votes.

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This Sunday, Deputy Porfírio Silva (PS), who was part of the CPLP monitoring mission for the August 24 elections in Angola, appealed to Angolans today to “try to clarify everything, all the doubts that exist”.

“There are things that need to be corrected. That’s clear to me,” Porfirio emphasized in a statement to Silva Lusa. According to the official, the electoral monitoring mission of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLB) “identified relevant deficiencies in the process that need to be corrected: candidates’ access to the media, to be equal.” , it’s not. It’s obviously an important aspect.”

The Contestaria Civil Society (SCC), an informal group that brings together many activists, has asked for respect for popular preferences expressed in elections, according to a note published on Facebook this Sunday.

However, dissatisfaction or disbelief with the results has already led to more than words. The Angolan National Police arrested two people for vandalism and rioting in Lunda Sul province, over dissatisfaction with the provisional results of the elections.

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