Is your CV well done? Check if Test Passed – Marketer

Analyzing the resumes you receive is one of the most important steps when hiring someone for your team. But this process is not always easy and some crucial details can leave a lot of information missing.

To make this task easier, recruitment and selection, coaching and training company Factor H offers five tips to help you analyze your CV effectively and correctly.

  1. Define the type of employee you want to hire so that, when analyzing CVs, you can immediately eliminate talent that does not have the necessary profiles and skills to occupy that position.
  2. Analyze the curriculum from an aesthetic point of view, as this allows you to appreciate the care taken in its preparation. Take into account that it is organized and concise, but check that there are no typos or poor design.
  3. Use technology to simplify the application review process, with software programs that check whether a job candidate meets the required requirements.
  4. Take into account personal experiences such as extracurricular activities, previous internships, community projects, etc., which will showcase the interests and values ​​of the candidate in question.
  5. Conduct an interview. After carefully analyzing the curriculum, you should conduct an interview, communicate directly with the candidate in question, and understand whether you are making the right choice or not.

Ultimately, CV analysis aims to reduce the number of applicants so that only those who match the job description are selected, shorten the steps of the recruitment process and conduct a final interview to confirm your choice.

The marketing area is one of the areas that “touches” new job vacancies, given that, taking into account the variety of tasks required by the sector, there are often companies looking for talent. From digital marketing, communications, copywriting, design, strategy or production, opportunities expand across a wide range of options.

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