Iran’s Supreme Leader Supports Putin In Ukraine Invasion

The statements are consistent with Putin’s rhetoric to justify the invasion of the neighboring country and the position of the Iranian supreme leader, and show increasingly close ties between Moscow and Tehran as both countries face tough economic sanctions from the West.

NATO allies have bolstered their military presence in Eastern Europe and provided weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian aggression, with Ali Khamenei accusing the West of being against a “free and strong” Russia.

“If the way is clear for NATO, it will not recognize any limits or borders,” Khamenei insisted to Putin, on the sidelines of a meeting of the Astana Group, which brings together Russia, Turkey and Iran. Place in Tehran.

In his second foreign trip since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in late February, Putin discussed the conflict in Syria with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. – Affected country.

The trip also helped discuss a UN-backed proposal to resume Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea to ease the global food crisis.

Putin’s presence in Tehran is of symbolic importance to domestic politics as it demonstrates the international influence of Russia, which has been increasingly isolated by its conflict with the West.

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden visited Iran’s main rivals Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that killed more than 5,000 civilians, according to the UN, which warns that the true number could be much higher.

More than 16 million people have been displaced by the Russian military offensive, with more than 5.7 million of them fleeing the country, according to a recent UN report.

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According to the United Nations, 15.7 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Russian invasion was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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