Iranian soldiers fear retaliation and Israeli intelligence talks of a possible attack


The head of Tehran’s city council said the country “cannot allow anyone to insult the anthem”.

In the World Cup opener against England, Iran’s players remained silent during the national anthem, and now, according to several media outlets, the players fear retaliation from their government. Exacerbating the problem of Iran’s election, Israel’s intelligence service has warned the international community that Iran could attack the World Cup in Qatar to divert attention from protests in favor of women’s rights in the country after the death of Mahza Amini.

“The country will never allow anyone to insult the anthem,” said Mehdi Shamran, head of Tehran’s city council. A statement that left the silent players on their toes.

From Israel, the head of the intelligence services, Aharon Haliva, said there was a possibility that Tehran would launch an attack against the World Cup in Qatar, to distract attention and create instability in the region.

According to Haliva, as opposition to Iran’s regime grows, it will be “more aggressive” in its response. “I tell you the Iranians are now considering attacking the World Cup in Qatar. Iran wants instability as a constant when the world around them is stable and prosperous. There is a real concern in Iran. The regime is at risk,” he said.

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