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“An important and symbolic week begins tomorrow.” This is how Volodymyr Zelensky’s daily speech begins, shared this Sunday, where the first holiday of the Ukrainian State Day is marked.

“From this week we will celebrate the Ukrainian State Day, On the 28th of July“, Zelensky says, announcing that this date is marked for the first time at a time “Terrible War” And after the “eight-year war in Donbass”.

Announced in August of last year on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, the new holiday is celebrated on a day marking the Christianization of a kingdom known as the Kingdom of Kiev (879-1240), which corresponds to the territories that exist today. Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The decision to create this holiday will be based on the desire to emphasize the logic of the continuity of the Ukrainian state over the centuries, underlining that this is the country. “Not the wrong position”According to the reports of the Government of Ukraine.

Despite the wartime conditions, Ukraine will celebrate, Zelensky promises, “Ukrainians cannot be broken.” “Ukrainian State Day will mark the connection between the Ukrainians living here today and the many generations of our people. The experience of creating the Ukrainian state, our culture, our identity – Ukrainian personality dates back more than a thousand years.

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“Only those who do not know the truth of our history and do not realize what it means can decide to attack us.” Contact the President of Ukraine. “After all our people have been through, after all we’ve learned over the centuries.” In this video message, Zelensky promises that Ukrainians will “never give up freedom.”

“We’re going to do what previous generations couldn’t do. This applies to our security in this battle for freedom, our path towards a united Europe, our membership of the European Union and our ability to become one of the most modern states in the world.

In the message Zelensky assures that Ukrainians “They are doing everything they can to inflict as many casualties as possible on the enemy and to get as much support as possible for Ukraine.”

In his speech, Zelensky also notes that this week will be marked by “important visits from partners, important negotiations and, most importantly, further developments in the Ukrainian situation.”

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