If you have an ‘air fryer’, you may be making one of these mistakes

CAs they are very practical and easy to use, ‘air fryers’ have become very popular in recent times. However, it is important to know that mistakes are also made while using it, some are very common and others are dangerous in some cases.

For example, overfilling the air fryer basket makes it difficult to get the right texture while cooking. It’s not a good idea to put wet food inside.

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To be informed, but the ‘air fryer’ can be used without breaking and, of course, Woman & Home magazine spoke to chefs and many experts.

Mistakes you make while using an ‘Air Fryer’:

  • overfilling the basket;
  • No Clean the ‘Air Fryer’ properly;
  • Cover entire basket with parchment paper;
  • Choosing the wrong size for your needs;
  • Do not dry the potatoes before placing them in the ‘air fryer’;
  • placing wet food in an ‘air fryer’;
  • Use an ‘air fryer’ to cook very small or light foods;
  • You don’t preheat the air fryer before use;
  • You use the ‘air fryer’ against the wall;
  • Do not stir food while cooking;
  • Using too much or too little oil.

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