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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this Friday characterized EU sanctions against Russia as a “step towards war”, reinforcing that the strategy adopted by Brussels is “dangerous”.

“Anyone who intervenes economically in a military conflict is taking a stand”The nationalist leader said in his traditional weekly interview with radio close to the government.

“Little by little, we’re sliding into war”He stressed, expressing concern about the number of actions that would allow Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Viktor Orbán continues to criticize European sanctions, blaming them alongside his partners for economic setbacks in the central European country despite voting in favor of their adoption.

The Hungarian economy shrank in the third quarter (compared to the second) and Inflation exceeded 20 percent and food reached 45 percent.

The government has launched a “national consultation” on the issue and put up posters in the country where you can see a picture of the missile with the message. “Brussels sanctions are destroying us”.

The prime minister said he was ready to fight new sanctions and would ensure that Hungary, which depends on Russian hydrocarbons, is given an “exemption” as happened during the oil embargo.

“Now we are supplying destructive weapons, training Ukrainian soldiers on our own territory, imposing energy embargoes. (…) We are becoming part of the conflict,” Orban defended.

“We are not yet military targets, but we are on the verge of becoming belligerent. Europe is playing a very dangerous game,” he concluded.

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