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Both Ukraine and Russia already use military multi-missile rocket systems (MLRS), but missiles like the Himmers are made of a mobile unit capable of launching multiple precision-guided missiles simultaneously.

The M142 Himars systems shipped by the United States to Ukraine are the lighter, more active version of the M270 MLRS, developed in the 1970s and used by US and Allied forces. Says The Guardian newspaper. GPS-guided missiles fired twice as long as the Americans’ supply to Ukraine.

With a range of up to 80 kilometers, these systems have six pre-loaded tubes with guided missiles – while the M270 has only two. The pipes can be removed and replaced in minutes. Players need specific training to maneuver the Himalayas.

The United States will send long-range rockets to Ukraine. New $ 700 million arsenal

The Himalayas will not change the course of the war overnight, but a senior U.S. defense official told The Guardian that these systems would “level the playing field.” This is because they will provide Ukraine with the ability to attack from a greater distance and provide greater security for the military and weapons.

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NATO member states Poland and Romania have already received Himas from the United States, which does not provide Ukraine with the ATACMS system (military tactical missile system), which has a large tube with a tactical missile with a range of up to 300 kilometers.

Oz United States To reduce the scope Rockets They are going to be sent to Ukraine because they want these systems not to be used to attack targets in Russia. If they provide the ATACMS system, it will be possible for Ukrainian forces to attack key Russian urban and military bases, including airports where attacks on Ukraine will begin, The Guardian adds.

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