“Happy birthday, Dad.” Isabel dos Santos, Tchizé and Coréon Dú cry father from afar

After a Spanish court decided to hand over the former president’s body to his widow, Ana Paula dos Santos, against the wishes of his eldest children, Korean Dew, who revealed the hard times he is going through, lamented the chance he had. Farewell to him in the land of our birth”, today I wanted to celebrate the anniversary.

“When I was a child, my father taught me not to be afraid of the dark, because the light will always come,” wrote Jose Eduardo Paulino dos Santos, who is better known on his social networks by the stage name Korean Du.

“In the most difficult moments, I will remember your calm voice and smile, I hope it inspires me not to lose my faith or my sanity. Congratulations, Dad”, wrote the Angolan singer and producer.

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos expressed her grief earlier in the day, saying, “What’s happening is heartbreaking” and posted a post: “Betrayal, disloyalty, burns in the heart of someone who trusted so much. When we are betrayed by those we love, we cry and mourn, it’s burying someone who is still breathing. Like to do.

Today he only wished “Happy Birthday, Dad”.

Tchizé dos Santos, entrepreneur, influencer and former MPLA deputy, wished her father “Happy Birthday”, in a post with a song, adding: “In your memory, I will continue to fight for the motherland”.

Tchizé dos Santos, also referring to statements by General Francisco Furtado, accused his children on Saturday of lacking common sense, lamenting that they had lost a “great opportunity” to criticize “hateful and inhumane warmongers”. “Funeral is a war”.

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The three have not visited Angola in years, as has José Eduardo dos Santos, who chose to go into exile in Barcelona in 2017 when the regime led by João Lorenzo, who succeeded him, raised the anti-corruption flag. His children. , namely Isabel do Santos, has faced several cases in the Angolan judiciary.

Today, only four of the former head of state’s eight children attended the funeral: a common trio with Ana Paula dos Santos (Josian, Danilo and Breno) and José Filomeno dos Santos, who are awaiting conviction in a corruption case. A plea in freedom.

Jossian read an emotional eulogy on behalf of the family, recalling his father’s taste in sports and music, and underscoring, “Your light will always shine and you will never be forgotten.”

“Your children and grandchildren will always love you, may your soul rest in peace,” Josian said in a choked voice.
The body of José Eduardo dos Santos, who died in Barcelona on July 8, was returned to Angola last Saturday after a legal battle between two sides of the family.

On one side were Tchizé dos Santos and her older brothers, who opposed the delivery of the remains to the former first lady and declared themselves against holding a state funeral before the election to avoid political use.

On the other hand, the widow Ana Paula dos Santos and their three children were in common with José Eduardo dos Santos, who wanted the ex-president buried in Angola.

This claim was supported by the Angolan government, which announced its intention to hold a state funeral, but after his death, pending a decision by judicial authorities, the body had to be dismembered shortly after his death.

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