Greta Thunberg says the people gathered in Davos are “the biggest promoters of the destruction of the planet”.

Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg has accused the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland of bringing together “those who are driving the destruction of the planet”.

“We seem to be hearing more of these [pessoas que participam no Fórum em Davos] It tells us how ridiculous the situation is, who live on the frontlines, rather than the people who are actually affected by the climate crisis,” Greta Thunberg said during an event organized on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting.

Davos, declared the activist, “is a place where the people who fuel the destruction of the planet, the people who are in the middle of the climate crisis, the people who invest in fossil fuels, etc.”, blamed the participants. A forum for putting “greed” and “short-term economic profit above people and planet”.

“However, these are the people we rely on to solve problems that have proven time and time again that they shouldn’t be a priority,” he underscored.

“These people will go as far as they can, as long as they can and as long as they survive. They will continue to invest in fossil fuels and they will sacrifice people for their own profit,” he declared.

The Swedish activist made the statements during a meeting with other young climate activists and International Energy Agency (IEA) Director General Fatih Birol.

“My presence here is a very important sign of what I want to give to the world,” said Birol.

“Climate change needs more attention. Unfortunately, attention to climate change is decreasing,” he lamented, underscoring that more investment in clean energy is now necessary.

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