Germany: Nuclear power is an option to solve the emergency with natural gas

“We must work to prevent the gas crisis from being exacerbated by the electricity crisis”, considered Christian Lindner, in an interview with Blid, defending the use of other forms of energy.

Lindner underlined that there are many arguments against the closure of nuclear power plants, which are safe and environmentally friendly and can be used until 2024, if necessary.

Both liberals and conservatives have already shown themselves in favor of extending the life cycles of Germany’s three operating nuclear reactors, which are slated to shut down later this year.

In this regard, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes said he was awaiting the results of stress tests on the power system.

Economic and environmental portfolio holders Robert Habeck and Steffi Lemke have opened up the possibility of extending the useful life of reactors for a short period of time in the event of an energy emergency.

Many in the Social Democratic and Green parties have already spoken out against this possibility.

According to data from the Department of Statistics (Destatis) cited by EFE, gas generated 15.2% of electricity generated in Germany last year, while nuclear power plants were responsible for 11.8%.

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