Germany: Former Deputy’s Participation in Alleged Terrorist Organization “Extreme,” Schalz Says

“This is obviously a significant and very serious case,” Scholz said at a meeting with heads of regional governments about Wednesday’s operations in 11 federal states where 25 people were arrested.

The police action showed “the capacity of our democracy to function” and a determination to act “with full determination” against these groups.

Of the 25 people involved, 23 of whom were arrested today alone, the judge and former AfD MP Birgit Malzach-Winkemann.

According to an investigation opened by the attorney general’s office, the group is linked to the “Reichsburger” or “Reich Citizens”, a radical movement that does not recognize Germany’s current borders, constitutional order or authorities.

Attorney General Peter Frank said the organization consisted of a sort of advisory body and armed wing, and its aim was to “destroy Germany’s constitutional democratic order by violent and military means”.

The leader of the group is an aristocrat identified as Heinrich KR, who calls himself Heinrich XIII or Prince of Reus.

He is a 71-year-old businessman based in Frankfurt, active in the real estate industry and known for spreading conspiracy theories.

Among those arrested was a Russian national whose job it was to establish talks with Russia after the attack on parliament.

In total, 3,000 agents participated in the police operation and 150 houses or offices were raided, distributed across 11 federal states.

German judge Birgit Malzach-Winkemann has resigned from her post, German newspaper Die Welt reported Wednesday.

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