Germany builds ‘railway bridge’ for Ukraine’s grain exports – News

“We think about 22 million tons of grain (due to the Russian invasion) have been blocked in Ukraine, waiting for exports,” Gavoli told the US Congress.

The Romanian port of Constanta is participating in the export effort, but its capacity is only 90,000 tons a day, said Cavoli, who is also the leader of the U.S. forces and therefore NATO has not yet been confirmed by Congress.

“But Deutsche Bahn recently responded to the appeal,” he added. “Based on the model of the Berlin flyover, they developed what they call the” Berlin Rail Bridge “for booking trains carrying Ukrainian wheat to Western Europe.”

He noted that the German rail carrier “is currently in the process of withdrawing large quantities of grain from Ukraine, via Poland, to ports in northern Germany for export.”

Poland has established a new border regime with Germany to facilitate this process, he continued.

He said the product that transports Constantinople is exported by sea, but not via part of the Black Sea, which was blocked by the Russians.

He concluded that “I think it is necessary to combine transportation systems” to facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain.

Ukraine, known for its highly fertile lands, was the world’s fourth largest corn exporter before the Russian invasion and was on track to become the third largest exporter of wheat.

But the Russian invasion disrupted the crop and grain trade, accusing Moscow officials of blocking exports across the Black Sea and causing a severe global food crisis.

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