G7 wants € 568 billion investment plan for developing countries

Shortly before Joe Biden’s speech, the White House presented a proposal to the Seven Industrial Summits of the World: “With G7 Partners, we aim to raise $ 600 billion by 2027 for global investment in infrastructure.” Takes place in southern Germany.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes expressed G7’s “shared concern” about the state of the world economy, mainly due to the rising inflation and energy crisis and the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.

“We share this concern,” he said after the first session of G7 leaders, but underlined the “hope” that the group’s leaders would be able to send the “message of unity” needed from there in the face of the situation created. Through the “brutal aggression” launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine.

Scholz, who hosted the G7 summit, explained that during the first session of the meeting, during today’s meeting, the leaders of rich countries (Germany, USA, Italy, France, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom) discussed issues. Highlighted the need to coordinate their action in relation to the global economy and energy markets.

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