G7 leaders want Russia to pay for war

G7 leaders promised to increase spending on Russia War in Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes announced on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not emerge victorious from the conflict.

“Putin should not win this war,” Scholes told a news conference after the G7 summit in southern Germany.

Scholes said the group of seven of the world’s most industrialized nations was “united in support of Ukraine.”

“We will continue to maintain and increase the economic and political costs of this war for President Putin and his regime,” Scholes said.

Limit the price of Russian oil and gas imports in international markets One of the measures announced this morning by G7 leaders.

A Russia bans gold imports This was already a promise and was one of the things agreed upon at the summit in the Bavarian Alps.

The richest countries in the world rIt also stressed the need to release Ukrainian grain in ports And promised a $ 5 billion package to tackle food crisis.

The G7 summit was held ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid starting today, including the war in Ukraine and The new security reality created by the Russian invasion will be highlighted in the headlines.


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