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Volodymyr Zelensky is in Washington this Wednesday on a visit that includes a speech to the US Congress. He has already met with Joe Biden, who reaffirmed that the United States is on Ukraine’s side, and presented his counterpart with a medal of honor. “Hero of Ukraine” On the battlefield.

It was Zelensky’s first visit since the war, but not his first visit to the United States as Ukraine’s head of state.

From 2021 to 2022, Ukraine’s involvement in the war isn’t the only difference — in fact, one of the few points the two visits have in common is the location of the meeting with Joe Biden, the Oval Office. .

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In addition, there are differences in Zelensky’s dress, posture, the language he speaks to his counterpart, and apparently the topic of conversation. A year ago, Zelensky traveled to the United States in September to celebrate 30 years of Ukrainian independence and strengthen ties. ”, contextualized Biden in 2021. In addition to visiting the White House, Zelensky also traveled to Arlington, Virginia, where he paid tribute at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

At last year’s meeting, Zelensky spoke in Ukrainian through an interpreter. This year, he spoke to reporters in English, perhaps to make sure the message did not raise suspicions thanks to American support. There is one more difference between the two meetings: in a relatively calm situation regarding the epidemic, there are still no masks in sight.

Zelensky’s journey. By train to Poland, van to the airport and plane to the US

This year, Zelensky switched from his black suit and tie to military uniforms in shades of green, which he used in many of his public appearances. The Ukrainian president has used this decoration on several occasions when addressing the parliaments of countries that supported Ukraine via video conference.

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This is not the only difference: Zelensky’s own position is different. A year ago, she struck a slightly more relaxed pose as she was photographed reclining in a chair next to Biden. In 2022, he will be sitting on the edge of his seat and the moments captured in the photo show a greater proximity to Biden. In this second visit the expression shows more intensity.

The two presidents held a press conference at 4:45 p.m. local (9:45 p.m. in Lisbon), in which Zelensky kept the same face.

Zelensky’s secret journey Started a week ago Extreme security measures are required.

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