France says Europe must prepare to end Russian energy exports – Observer

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne warned this Saturday Europe should prepare for possible disruptions in Russian energy exportsFollowing sanctions on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

Brussels prepares emergency plan to stop Russia’s wholesale gas cuts

“A drop in the ship is reliable [de energia] From Russia to Europe,” he pointed out, calling for action to reduce dependence on foreign countries and create jobs at home while fighting climate change.

Elizabeth Bourne said in a discussion at the Economic Forum of Aix-en-Provence, a forum that meets every year in that city in southeastern France.The truth should not be hidden“, amid reports of a reduction in Russian gas exports to several countries such as Germany, amid fears that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be disrupted.

The French prime minister said his government would soon introduce it.An energy moderation program“, which aims to quickly mobilize the entire population to reduce consumption, renovate old homes and decarbonize transport and industry.

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“This is an opportunity to strengthen our sovereignty and create jobs in our territory,” he said.

According to him, this will allow to avoid “impact”, which is estimated to happen regularly “An increase in the price of a barrel” and it affects the “purchasing power of millions of people”.

Another important consequence of abandoning fossil fuels is the acceleration of the fight against climate change.

“We want to be the first country to divest from fossil fuels,” he concluded.

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