Five people were killed and 500 were injured when a bench collapsed during a bullfight

At least five people have been killed and at least 500 injured in a bullfight in Ptolema, Colombia. The incident took place during a traditional race held during the San Juan celebrations, known as the “Coraleja”, where the public encounters bulls.

The governor of Tolima, Ricardo Orozco, promised broadcaster Blu Radio that today’s tragedy has caused five deaths so far, including a minor.

“We are very sorry for what happened to our bull Gilberto Charlie. I urge the citizens in Pulring to please leave. The control systems are responding to the emergency and the injured have already been taken to hospitals,” he wrote. For his part, El Espinal Mayor, Juan Carlos Tamayo.

Gustavo Pedro, Colombia’s president-elect, said on social networking site Twitter: “I hope all the people affected by the collapse of El Espinal Square will recover from their injuries.”

Among the injured were children, men, women and the elderly watching the event.

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