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Finnish Prime Minister Channa Marin on Tuesday warned of the need to reach an agreement with Turkey. Sweden and Finland enter NATO Ahead of the Madrid summit on June 28.

Between the West and Russia, Erdogan’s dangerous game. Is the threat of Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO a serious threat or nonsense?

“If we do not solve the problems before Madrid, the situation is in danger of freezing,” Marin warned.

Prime Minister of Finland, who Attended the press conference With his Swedish and Norwegian counterparts, he took the opportunity to criticize the Turkish position, saying that until recently the country was not opposed to Sweden and Finland entering into an alliance. “They turned 180 degrees. We take these things seriously, but it is Turkey’s responsibility to find a solution.

Turkey opposed the two countries’ entry into the Atlantic Alliance, accusing it of harboring members of the European Union and the PKK, a Kurdish party classified as terrorists by Turkey. According to NATO rules, any new entry must be decided by agreement of all coalition member states.

An attack on one is an attack on everyone. NATO will die if the 5th Division is torn down

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Sanna Marin admitted that there may be some “misunderstandings” in the matter, but she considers her country’s law to be “accurate and clear.” Finland does not support terrorists.

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