Fans warned: 7 years in prison for having sex outside of marriage at Qatar World Cup – 2022 World Cup

A night stand in the country during a match can end badly

Britain’s daily ‘Daily Star’ has warned supporters who travel to Qatar to attend the World Cup in November and December this year could face up to seven years in prison for rape outside of marriage. Country. Qatar’s Supreme Committee has already stated that “Qatar is a conservative country and public expressions of affection are not welcome, regardless of gender orientation.” Although Al-Qadir, the head of the organizing committee, declared that everyone who wanted to watch the games live would be safe, British officials were concerned, regardless of their sexual orientation or culture. “Sex is not on the menu until the husband-wife arrives. There will be no night stand in the world, no parties. Everyone should be quiet as long as they do not like the risk of being in jail,” he said. “For the first time in history, sex is banned in the world,” a police source told the newspaper.

One of the controversies of this World Cup is about how LGBTBIQ + followers can be obtained in a country where homosexuality is banned, but the organization has already guaranteed that there will be no problem.

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