European commissioner accuses Orban of threatening to block aid to Ukraine – The Observer

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is negotiating with Brussels to free up European funds in his favor.Intimidation“By resisting EU financial aid to Ukraine.

The Hungarian nationalist recalled this Friday, rejecting the European Commission’s proposal to lend Ukraine 18 billion euros in 2023. Whose interest will be accepted by Member States.

But he expressed his willingness to unilaterally provide Ukraine with a 170 million euro grant.

This lockPure political intimidation“, European Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn said today in the European Parliament.

The commissioner is tasked with evaluating anti-corruption reforms announced by Budapest to avoid the threat of freezing €7.5 billion in European funds.

Since April, Budapest leaders have been targeted by an EU procedure (conditionality mechanism) triggered by problems such as corruption and appropriation of public markets in the country.

Johannes Hahn promised “Ridiculous behaviorBudapest’s “will not affect the assessment”, which must be done by the end of the month.

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