Elon Musk was sexually harassed by the host of SpaceX

According to a Business Insider article, Elon Musk, a flight attendant, has been accused of sexually harassing his own company, SpaceX, on a private jet. The Chancellor has already denied these allegations.

Musk has already responded on social networking site Twitter, denying the allegations, saying the maid was “an extreme left-wing activist from Los Angeles” and “single-minded.” [da denúncia] Twitter was interfering in the purchase, ”Musk wrote in a press release without comment.

“To be clear, these confusing allegations are completely false,” he responded to a tweet.

According to the published article, Musk traveled to London by private jet in 2016 and asked for a massage as part of the services available during the flight.

The massage therapist was initially hired as a hostess

The charge relates to the massage worker, who was initially hired as a hostess, showing her erect penis and promising to “buy the horse” if his wish was fulfilled, and touching her thighs. Denied.

After the episode with Elon Musk, the woman, who did not want to be named, eventually hired a lawyer who proposed a $ 250,000 (approximately € 237,000) case in a meeting with the Chancellor in 2018. Was taken to court.

So far, neither the host nor the lawyer has commented to the media on the case, while SpaceX vice president Christopher Kardashian has said he “does not want to talk about compromise deals”.

Musk chose to defend himself on Twitter, where he responded to a lawsuit filed by a friend of the complainant’s Fox News reporter: “I have to challenge this liar whose friend claims to have seen me. ‘Revealed’: Describe one thing – a tattoo, a scar, whatever, it’s not known to the public. You can not do that, because it never happened ”, reads a comment.

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The South African-born president has been embroiled in controversy over the past few weeks when he was offered the first chance to buy Twitter amid continuing rumors that he was planning to cut prices or pull out of the sale.

“In my 30-year career, including the MeToo era, there is nothing to point out, but problems arise when I announce on Twitter that I want to restore freedom of speech and vote for the Republicans,” Musk commented in another post. Tweet.

Musk faced another controversy last Thursday when he selected Tesla, an electric car brand, was removed from the list of companies that value the selected Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, social and environmental responsibilities. Its factories.

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