Eduardo dos Santos’ body already in Luanda – News

The plane carrying the remains landed at the international airport on February 4, while another plane carried the family.

Later, the body of José Eduardo dos Santos will be flown to Miramar, the site of the former official residence, strictly for family ceremonies, a source close to the process said.
The funeral is scheduled to take place from August 26 to 28.

The Angolan government announced this morning that the ashes of former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who died in Barcelona, ​​Kingdom of Spain, will arrive in the Angolan capital this afternoon.

The note issued by the Commission for Funeral Arrangements also stated that “the date and program of the funeral will be intimated in due course.”

This afternoon Rui Falcoo, spokesman for the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola, agreed that the funeral should be held in Luanda on August 28, around his birthday.

Several members of the Angolan government were at the airport, including the Ministers of State for Transport, Security, Social Area, Social Communication and Regional Administration, Marcy Lopes – who is also the spokesperson for the funeral commission.
José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled Angola from 1979 to 2017, died on July 8, aged 79, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he had spent most of his time for the past five years.

The two factions of the dos Santos family have been disputing in the Family Court of the Civil Court of Catalonia over who will have custody of the body of José Eduardo dos Santos.

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On the one hand, Tchizé dos Santos and her older brothers opposed handing over the remains to the former first lady and opposed holding a state funeral before the August 24 election to avoid political use.

On the other hand, the widow Ana Paula dos Santos and her three children have in common with José Eduardo dos Santos, who claimed the body and wanted it to be buried in Angola in the future.

On Wednesday, the court decided to attribute the body to the ex-wife and authorized the transfer to Angola after ruling definitively that Jose Eduardo dos Santos died of natural causes.

The body transfer of the former Angolan president is being carried out during the election campaign in which incumbent President João Lorenzo is seeking re-election to succeed José Eduardo dos Santos in 2017.

More than 14 million Angolans, including those living abroad, are eligible to vote on August 24, in what will be the fifth election in Angola’s history.

The 220 members of the Angolan National Assembly are elected by two systems: 130 members are proportionally called the National Constituency, while the remaining 90 seats are used for each of Angola’s 18 provinces using the d’hont system. Each elects five members of Parliament.

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