Drone strikes put Russia on ‘high alert’

Ukraine’s Russian-controlled peninsula of Crimea was targeted by a drone strike on Tuesday, with Russian forces on “high alert,” the Kremlin said.

“There was a drone attack”The governor of the Sevastopol administrative region in Crimea, Mikhail Rasvozhayev, confirmed that the air defense forces were on high alert and that the two ‘drones’ had already been shot down.

Mikhail Rasvozhaev He said no public infrastructure was damaged and asked residents to remain calm. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, based in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, was hit by what Russian officials called a “massive” drone attack.

The attack damaged at least one of their shipsThis led Moscow to briefly withdraw from an agreement to allow grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

The region’s governor had already said last week that Russian authorities were strengthening their positions on the Crimean peninsula as Kiev forces sought to retake the occupied territory.

A On February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine Already more than 13 million people – more than six million internally displaced people and more than 7.7 million to European countries – – according to the latest data from the UN, classifying this refugee crisis in Europe as the worst from the world. World War II (1939-1945).

The Russian invasion — justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the need to “denazify” and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security — was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing political and Russian sanctions. Economic barriers.

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