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The Left bloc’s draft resolution on total debt forgiveness for Ukraine, SEGA’s draft resolution supporting the embargo, and PAN’s proposal on the possibility of renegotiations were rejected in parliament this Friday.

In the presentation of the draft resolution of the Bloco de Esquerda (BE), deputy Mariana Mortagua clearly supported the complete forgiveness of foreign debt for the country occupied by Russia, warned during the debate in the Republic Assembly. The World Bank has not yet classified Ukraine as a “country at war.”.

The fact that Ukraine is not classified as a “country at war” severely hampers Kiev’s financial situation in terms of debt.

For the BE sub, it would be essential to free Ukraine from the “debt yoke”, thus helping the “war-torn country” and “Europe’s poorest state (Ukraine)”.

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The Left Bloc noted, among other measures, the European Commission’s decision to grant Ukraine a €1.2 billion loan “in the context of a memorandum of understanding”. The Kiev government has been forced to cut wages, pensions and social support.

A draft resolution on total debt forgiveness was rejected with votes from the PS and PCP, with positive votes from the Bloco de Esquerda, PAN and Livre.

PSD O Sega and Liberal Initiative abstained.

ENOUGH’s draft resolution suggested a 20-year deadline for Ukraine to pay off its foreign debt and hold Russia accountable.

“We’re defending a 20-year embargo, everything else is lip service. Russia needs to take responsibility and make post-war payments. The Russians should pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine,” Deputy Andrey Ventura said during the debate.

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Sega’s arguments were heavily criticized by the Left establishment.

“Deputy Andre Ventura copied Bloko’s plan, but where there is unity in Bloc, there is racism in Sega. Deputy Andre Ventura lives well with the debts of looted African countries, he knows only hatred, and now he says he wants to pass the bill to the Russian oligarchs”, Mariana Mortagua accused.

An adequate draft resolution was rejected by PS and PCP votes against.

Finally, a draft resolution of the PAN was discussed, which recommended that the government study the possibility of renegotiating or forgiving Ukraine’s debt to Portugal.

“We (Portugal) suffered the consequences of ‘Triad‘Now, let’s see what a country at war looks like’, said Inês Sousa Real from PAN.

Draft resolution issued by PAN Rejected after PS and PCP voted against.

During a debate on Ukraine’s foreign debt to private lenders and international institutions, PCP bench president Paula Santos said debt cancellation programs “are not aimed at supporting the poor, but at perpetuating the war. The benefits of ‘big capital’ like the US are “weapons in the hands of the extreme right. are placed”.

In the voice of deputy Miguel Iglésias, the PS said that Ukraine’s debt default is tragic because the country’s central bank “estimates a 30% drop”.

“It is a difficult situation and needs the support of allies like Portugal, but (meaning) should be resolved in proper forums“, said the Socialist deputy, stressing that Ukraine’s debt-related issues are being discussed at the international level.

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