Dozens of arrests and possession of firearms banned: Tennis Butler attempted to assassinate at birthday party in US – World

A woman has shot dead a man who opened fire on 40 people at a birthday party in Charleston, USA, warning people to drive slowly as several children were playing in the area. The suspect, 37-year-old Dennis Butler, returned with an AR-15 (shotgun) weapon and fired from his car. A woman took the gun she had with her and shot the gunman. Dennis Butler died at the scene.

According to the U.S. Police, Dennis’ life has been marked by a series of arrests and various criminal charges. According to officials, the 37-year-old’s record is the most comprehensive in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Dennis was arrested several times for minor offenses, however, and since witnesses did not appear in court, the most serious charges were always dropped.

The weapon he used during the assassination attempt was illegal. Police are still investigating the history of the AR-15 rifle.

The American has been wanted since the beginning of the year for the crime of receiving money. FOX 11 reports that Dennis Butler has a history of more than 20 arrests in Canaan court in West Virginia.

In 2016, he was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a woman after she was shot in Charleston. All that remains in this case is the bullet hole in the wall of the house because witnesses could not be heard. The crime was added to two counts of domestic violence and child neglect in Pennsylvania.

Witnesses became a problem in all the trials related to Tennis Butler. Only two attempts to escape from Pennsylvania authorities in 2005 and 2006 have been investigated so far.

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Dennis was shot by a woman who, according to police, “belonged to a community that legally carried his gun.” After the incident, he stayed at the scene and has been cooperating with investigators.

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